Realtime, effective chat plugin for WordPress.

Just one click installs, and you have a Telegram, Messenger, Whatsapp like chat app. No third-party services, no ads, no complicated setup.

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In-app chat done right

Truly Realtime

Powered by Server Sent Events. You will have a truly realtime chat without hassle.

Unlimited By Default

Unlike other chat plugins, with PrixChat, you can create unlimited DM and Group conversations without paying any penny.

High Performance

Enjoy blazing fast speed by PrixChat Cache and Speed Optimization. PrixChat loads only pieces of data it needed during render.

Enterprise Class Design

It's just another boring design that you see in other apps but people take no time to learn.

Open Source

PrixChat is open source under GNU GPL v3 license. You own your data, use it with confidence.

“Chat should not be hard”

When I want to add internal messaging plugin for our company, it is hard to find a good one, either use old long-polling AJAX requests which consumes a lot of server's resources or use WebSocket which needs complicated setup and expensive subscription. PrixChat was born to solve those issues. By using it, you have an unfair competitive advantage to other solutions.

Tan Nguyen

Tan Nguyen

Creator of PrixChat