Our Story

We are working at a fully remote company with people living in different time zones, from Australia, India, and Vietnam.

Two years ago (2020), when we were trying to optimize our workflow, the most popular issue was to keep track of people with tasks. In that time, Asana and emails are the tools we've been using but Asana isn't a communicate tool and with emails, we usually lose track. Chat apps like Slack and Hangouts cannot solve problems because we have many departments working with many different deals.

Then we decided to find a plugin which can handle real time chat in our dashboard so people can interact with others directly without installing external app. The chat should be able to host unlimited conversations so we can have conversation for each deal, also direct messages. We'll be happy to pay a few hundred dollars for that kind of plugin.

We've been searching and trying for a few days, but no plugin makes us happy. Some poor performance because of their long polling AJAX query, some require Pusher or Socket.io and a complicated setup, their design seems outdated and glitch too.

So PrixChat was born so solve our own issues, the plugin should be easy to setup but high performance, low cost. The UX should be modern, easy to use and the code should be clear, and short. That's our goal.

Our Team


Tan Nguyen


Tan is a coding machine, he wrote the first line of PrixChat code since 2020 and maintains all tech related.

David Tran

David Tran

Front-end Developer

David is good at designing things. He is in-charge for your daily use UI and this website's design.