Using PrixChat

To open PrixChat, head up to Dashboard and click on the PrixChat menu. The chat UI looks similar to other famous chat apps so you should be able to use it without learning.

PrixChat App

Setting up Avatar

By default, you'll need to use Gravatar and setup avatar for every person, this is time-consuming task. To make it easier, you can let people upload their own avatar instead. A lot of existings plugins can do this, we've tested and recommend using Simple Local Avatars plugin.

Configuring Chat

You can configure chat by going to PrixChat > Settings. Here are the options: PrixChat Settings

  • Roles - Roles that can access PrixChat.
  • Reaction Emojis - Available emojis for reaction features.
  • Incoming Messages Sound - URL to sound file that will be played when new message is received. We don't ship any sound file with the plugin to keep bundle size small, you can use any sound file you want.